This is the reference for the gRPC and HTTP APIs that The Things Stack exposes.


The Things Stack binary can be configured with many different options. Those options can be provided as command-line flags, environment variables or using a configuration file.

End Device Templates

This is the reference for End Device Templates. It covers how to create templates or convert from vendor-specific manifest files, how to map and combine templates, how to assign EUIs and how to execute the templates to create the end devices.

Interoperability Repository

Interoperability Repository The Things Stack expects the root of interoperability repository to contain config.yml, which contains various interoperablity configuration options: join-servers:# list of Join Server interoperability configurations,# used to map a JoinEUI to the Join Server-file:'./path/js.yml'# relative path to a file containing Join Server configirationjoin-euis:# list of Join EUI prefixes the Join Server should handle-'11aa000000000000/16' All paths are relative to the file they are defined in, that is example/js.yml defined in interopconf/config.

Email Templates

This is the reference for Email Templates. It covers the available templates and shows how to override them.