Since we’re going to install The Things Stack using Docker and Docker Compose, follow the guides to install Docker and to install Docker Compose.

Most releases contain an example docker-compose.yml file. You can also find this file in the Github repository of The Things Stack. In this guide we’ll use that example docker-compose.yml for our deployment.

Command-line Interface (optional)

Although the web interface of The Things Stack (the Console) currently has support for all basic features of The Things Stack, for some actions, you need to use the command-line interface (CLI). The CLI allows you to manage all features of The Things Stack.

You can use the CLI on your local machine and on the server.

Note: if you need help with any CLI command, use the --help flag to get a list of subcommands, flags and their description and aliases.


$ brew install TheThingsNetwork/lorawan-stack/ttn-lw-stack


$ sudo snap install ttn-lw-stack
$ sudo snap alias ttn-lw-stack.ttn-lw-cli ttn-lw-cli


You can download pre-built binaries for your operating system and processor architecture.