ThingSpeak Setup

Follow the steps below to prepare the setup for the integration with The Things Stack.

Log in to your ThingSpeak user account and navigate to the Channels section. To create a new channel, click the New Channel button.

Enter a Name for your channel, give labels to the data fields and enable them by checking the boxes next to them.

When done, scroll down and click the Save Channel button.

Note: You should enable a field for each metric you want to send inside the decoded_payload object of the uplink message.

Creating a new channel

For implementing the webhook integration on The Things Stack, you will need the following information from your channel’s page on ThingSpeak:

  • Channel ID, which can be found on the Channel Settings tab after channel creation, or under your channel’s name on top of the channel page;

  • Write API Key, which can be found on the API Keys tab.

Channel information