TagoIO Setup

This section helps you to prepare TagoIO setup for integration with The Things Stack.

Log in to your TagoIO user account and click the Devices button on the left hand menu.

The list of available connectors will pop out immediately if you do not own any devices.

Note: If you already own some devices on TagoIO, select Add Device in the upper right to add a new device.

Choose LoRaWAN TTI connector and then select Custom The Things Industries.

Choosing a Custom TTN device

Give a name to your device by filling the Device name field, enter the Device EUI and click the Create my device button to finish.

Configuring a device

When the device has been succesfully created, you will be presented with a confirmation window, so you can just click Continue.

Device successfully created

Now, Don’t forget the authorization! Click the Generate authorization button.

Generate Authorization pop-out window

When redirected to the Service Authorization page, just fill in the Name field and select Generate. Copy this value for further steps.

Click Finish and select the device you just created in Devices to access its features.

Device features

Navigate to the Live Inspector tab and press the Start button to prepare the integration for the incoming messages from The Things Stack.