Installing The Things Stack

Enterprise and Open Source Only

The following instructions apply to Enterprise and Open Source distributions. See the downloads page for a feature breakdown of distributions of The Things Stack.

This is a guide for setting up a private LoRaWAN network server using The Things Stack for LoRaWAN.


  1. A server with a recommended 4 virtual CPUs and 16GB RAM running Docker and Docker Compose*
  2. DNS records pointing to your server’s IP address
  3. A license for The Things Stack Enterprise Only

In this guide we will get everything up and running on a server using Docker and Docker Compose. If you are comfortable with configuring servers and working with command line, this is the perfect place to start.

Since we’re going to install The Things Stack using Docker and Docker Compose, follow the guides to install Docker and to install Docker Compose.

*Benchmark for 100K devices with 12 confirmed uplinks per day. Your requirements will vary depending on your load and desired redundancy.