Kerlink Wirnet Station

Kerlink Wirnet Station

Kerlink Wirnet Station is a LoRaWAN gateway, whose technical specifications can be found in the official documentation. This page guides you to connect it to The Things Stack.


  1. User account on The Things Stack with rights to create Gateways.
  2. Kerlink Wirnet Station with Common Packet Forwarder installed and enabled and/or running firmware version 3.0 or higher.

NOTE: Minimum CPF version tested is v1.1.6


Create a gateway by following the instructions for Adding Gateways. Choose a Gateway ID and set EUI equal to the one on the gateway.

Create an API Key with Gateway Info rights for this gateway using the same instructions. Copy the key and save it for later use.


All further steps will assume the gateway is available at, the stack address is, gateway ID is example-gtw and gateway API key is NNSXS.GTSZYGHE4NBR4XJZHJWEEMLXWYIFHEYZ4WR7UAI.YAT3OFLWLUVGQ45YYXSNS7HTVTFALWYSXK6YLJ6BDUNBPJMRH3UQ, please replace these by the values appropriate for your setup.


  1. Execute:

Please refer to Kerlink Wirnet provisioning documentation if more detailed up-to-date documentation is necessary.

NOTE: To avoid being prompted for root user password several times, you may add your SSH public key as authorized for root user on the gateway, for example, by ssh-copy-id [email protected].


Packet forwarder logs are located at /mnt/fsuser-1/lora/var/log/lora.log. You can access them by e.g.:

ssh [email protected] 'tail -f /mnt/fsuser-1/lora/var/log/lora.log'